When travel itself becomes an art form:

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At the Pullman Club, people with a unique passion for railway romance, art and culture find their soulmates and experience the art of travel at the highest level, accompanied by an experienced team that strives for perfection in every trip and seeks the extraordinary.


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At the heart of the Pullman Club, people come together who are looking for more than just the ordinary. Their passion is a unique blend of railway romance, art and culture, and they find their soulmate in the Pullman Club. The Pullman Club is their oasis, the place where they truly feel at home. Here, the art of travel is taken to a new level, and has been for more than three decades, by a team from the hospitality and travel industry that has mastered the art of perfection.

We are committed to ensuring that no two Pullman Club trips are the same. Because we understand that our guests are looking for the extraordinary. When selecting our destinations and accommodations, we always keep in mind the specific needs of our travelers. Our knowledgeable local contacts ensure that every moment is perfect, and attention to detail permeates our entire philosophy.