Our Team

Our Team

Behind «Pullman Club – Travelling in Style –» are experienced specialists who have been passionately organizing extraordinary travel experiences for over 35 years. The culture of travel is a value in itself, and based on this, we see ourselves as hosts. Your well-being is our focus.

The offering is a harmonious combination for people who are open to the extraordinary, with the interplay of culture, art, and railway. We are different, and that’s why our journeys are different too – «With attention to detail, the journey is the goal.»

Having travel in your genes:

The key points in the organization are:

Advantages of Pullman Club – Travelling in Style

• Travel is our passion
• Many journeys are born from our extensive travel experience
• We have first-hand experience with the destinations we offer
• We regularly visit the destinations ourselves
• We personally accompany the journeys